Transportation Sector

The transportation sector is an expansive, open, and accessible set of systems, airways, roads, tracks, and terminals that provide services essential to our way of life. We understand the vitality of safety and security in transportation, and strive to maintain the physical, human, and cyber components through systematic security risk reduction. We provide security services for transportation sectors including:

  • Aviation – Including airports, heliports, and landing strips
  • Maritime Transportation – Including ports, waterways, areas inside the EEZ, and modes of maritime transportation
  • Mass Transit and Passenger Rail – Including buses and light & heavy rail
  • Freight Rail
  • Postal Shipping

Our people have worked both with private and public sector transportation agencies developing and executing strategies to achieve organizational safety, security, resilience, and sustainability goals. We effectively merge cyber and physical security risk management principles to provide innovative security solutions and advisement to major transportation organizations. Our Team is comprised of seasoned transportation security professionals many of whom have held executive level positions as Chief, Director and Commanding Officer in this field.

Our team of consultants will be there to systematically reduce your risk and increase resiliency through risk assessment, training, incident management, and compliance. We advise you on how to comply with TSA regulations, be at your side during any inspection or visit, advise you on best practices to meet and exceed security regulations, and assist with preparing for emergencies and emergency response. We can also provide specialized training for you cargo screening and handling staff as well as security training for generalized staff. We will be your advisers in your pursuit of transportation security.