Risk Assessment

You are probably somewhat aware of the various natural and technological threats your organization faces on a daily basis such as severe storms, fires, HVAC failures, civil disturbances, terrorism, and others. Through a quantifiable risk assessment identifying and quantifying physical security threats, asset values, existing security controls, likelihood of threat occurrences, and business impact ratings, we are able to provide a detailed residual risk ratings report explaining security risks facing your organization. Quantifiable risk assessments support fact-based management decisions and activities by organizational leaders, and open the door to:

  • Improving security architecture
  • Improving Security Culture
  • Modifying business functions
  • Implementing security solutions

Our team can identify your physical security weaknesses, focus on defined threats that could compromise your company’s ability to provide adequate services to your customers, and provide a roadmap to remediating security vulnerabilities. The physical security risk assessment process will help you determine all your critical assets, assess the likelihood of known threats, evaluate existing countermeasures, and develop a prioritized plan to reduce your risk.