Incident Response

Opsec Media Networks’s Senior Consultants have been doing incident response for over 20 years. Our team of security experts is available on demand to regain control of compromised systems.

Cyber-attacks are often crippling. Intellectual property can be lost and even the most basic of business functions can be compromised. Opsec Media Networks has the tools and experience to help you reestablish normal and secure operations with confidence. Our consultants have been called upon countless times and without fail we’ve been able to quickly assess the situation and take immediate steps to stop attackers. Our incident response procedure has four steps:

1. Incident Triage

  • Conducting interviews to understand known facts
  • Devising a plan to protect customer assets during and after the investigation
  • Determining the goals of the investigation

2. Evidence Collection

  • Preservation using chain-of-custody best practices
  • Collection of live data
  • Collection of static data

3. Evidence Analysis

  • Determine attribution
  • Attack path and incident reconstruction
  • Impact assessment

4. Reporting

  • Evidentiary timeline
  • Detailed forensic report
  • Executive Summary