Mobile Security

The world is the new office and BYOD is one of the enablers. Bring Your Own Device or Consumerization is the way that many companies have chosen to allow new information processing technologies into its walls. Whether as a strategic shift, productivity booster, a cost saving measure, or a way to keep users engaged, BYOD is being adopted.

Not too many years ago companies struggled with removable media and the risks that it brought. By comparison and experience, we now know that issue was a lesser risk than mobile devices. For example, it would be fairly easy to notice someone carrying one hundred 5.25 floppy disks. However, that is how many floppies it takes to carry one gigabyte worth of date. Nowadays one would be hard pressed to find a mobile device with less than 2 gigabytes of storage with the norm being closer to 8 gigabytes.

In addition to data extraction, the plethora of functions in today mobile devices compiled with the connectivity into social media, mobile networks and Wi-Fi networks create a complex situation for safely implementing these devices. And yet data theft is but one of the many risks that enterprises face today. Opsec Media Networks has various services that can aid the proper adoption of these devices whether it is with BYOD or company-supplied equipment.

Mobile Strategy & Roadmap

Opsec Media Networks can devise a plan and design controls that will help create a safe environment for the integration of consumer devices including a full risk assessment and business impact analysis. Guidelines, policies, and program goals are established to ensure that mobile devices are implemented as efficiently and securely as possible. Opsec Media Networks can provide project management & execution of mobility programs including the integration of mobility into the organization’s overall security framework. We can also assist in the evaluation of mobile management platforms, with the peace of mind that comes from an unbiased consultant that does not sell hardware or software.

Risk Mgmt & Mitigation

Once a strategy has been set, the company’s goals must be achieved while making sure that risks are mitigated along the way. Whether it is the adoption of a new mobile application or the integration of a new device type, we can help qualify, quantify, and mitigate the risks that the company will face during integration and beyond.

Mobile Security Assessment

New devices and applications should be evaluated before having the enterprise commit to them. Taino can perform simulated attacks (penetration testing) on mobile devices and mobile applications to help uncover vulnerabilities and investigate how far an attacker could get if they were to bypass the device or application’s security controls.

Mobile Security Forensics

Speed is essential when investigating a situation. Identifying if and how a breach occurred will allow the organization to close on the window of exposure and to remediate the situation as expeditiously as possible. Opsec Media Networks has the expertise and tools to uncover what has taken place and how to prevent it from happening again.

Electronic Discovery

Responding to eDiscovery requests today means multiple service providers, data centers, operating systems, applications, and organizational barriers. A request for information will derail multiple efforts within any organization. In today’s lean and mean IT organizations, it is not cost effective to take on such an initiative internally.

Opsec Media Networks has worked with heterogeneous organizations and technologies since its inception. Our expediency will ensure speedy compliance, our methodology will keep evidence degradation a minimum, and our expertise will ensure that impact to ongoing operations is negligible.