Wifi Services

We provides an innovative solution that high traffic venues such as airports, stadiums, hotels, retailers, and shopping malls can utilize WiFi for high value customer engagement. Many WiFi solutions provide customizable captive portals that can offer romotional or advertising messages, but that is just a single touchpoint that most end-users quickly skip past to get online. We are pioneers in In-Browser Content Insertion Technology that enables venues to successfully insert venue specific promoted content/advertisements on any of the HTTP webpages a user visits during their entire in-venue session. For instance, a sports stadium may show the team logo as a small floating icon that is present on all screens in an HTTP session. When a fan clicks on the logo, they may get a stadium map, a menu to order concessions, team statistics and links to order tickets for future games. This works seamlessly on all platforms, browsers, and screen sizes without requiring customers to download anything on their devices, and has a comprehensive campaign management capability to manage what messages get delivered to which users at what time.

To enhance ad or message targeting, we also provide deep analytics on user traffic. In addition to demographic information such as MAC address, browser type, and location, can capture and report on URLs, ad message impressions, ad message clicks, and total user activity over time. A great feature is that we are able to send messages based on specific zones or areas within the venue. Retail stores, for instance, are using it to push out specific ads or messages to people.

Our equipments and services offer an needed extra layer of security between your Network, POS, Clients and the internet

Cyber Security

Client Virtualization
BOT Lists
Mac Address Control
SPAM List Filter

Cloud Management

Mobile Security
Remote System Management
Client Analitycs
Custom Splash Pages

Our unique approach to wifi combines cyber and physical security principles to provide an all-encompassing approach in reducing security risk while providing a service to your clients. We can also separate our services enabling us to provide flexible, dynamic consulting services capable of serving any client’s security needs.