Physical Security Training

We have a team of individuals who collectively have the experience and skills to meet and exceed all your requirements and expectations. Several of our consultants have spent a considerable amount of time training critical infrastructure employees and our experience simply cannot be matched.

The principal partners and world class consultants and trainers of Opsec Media Networks have provided training on physical security and emergency management to commercial enterprises and government agencies, and bring to the table years of operational and executive level security management experience. Our dedication to security and safety, as well as the certification levels our consultants have attained set Opsec Media Networks apart from other consulting firm in the United States.

We present a variety of training including:

  • Bus Driver/ Transportation Employee Safety Awareness and Intruder Response Overview
  • Transportation Active Shooter/Intruder Response
  • Family & Community Role re: the threat of Violent Intruders
  • Behavior Pattern Recognition for Transportation Employees
  • Workplace Violence
  • The Art of Managing a Crisis
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Crisis Management Organizations
  • Crisis Management Boot Camp: A Survival Guide for Today’s Professionals

Bus Driver/ Transportation Employee Safety Awareness and Intruder Response

As facilities become better at securing their buildings & implementing useful lockdown & lockdown failure protocols we have already noticed that the next evolution to attackers seeking to victimize those school youth/ facility clients is to target school buses and transport vehicles. Drivers being the only employee on a bus/ vehicle that can respond effectively already realize that they have a significant responsibility & may already be anxious about this topic. The key to reducing anxiety with our transportation personnel is to educate them on topics of awareness, safety and intruder response. Once they are educated they really do see that a bus or van can be secure because of its mobility & design. Through trained awareness they will then know what to leverage to their advantage in their environment & know how to respond to threats that may present themselves outside or inside of the bus or van.

Transportation Active Shooter/Intruder Response

This course is designed to bridge the gap between responding officers and transportation/facility personnel in an active shooter situation. The course is designed to assist transportation personnel in their ability to: prevent; report; and protect themselves and their passengers from an active shooter during the critical moments while waiting for a police presence to arrive and what to expect from the officers once they are on scene. It is also designed to provide law enforcement officers with the necessary skill sets and mindset to properly respond to these extremely difficult situations.

Family & Community Role re: the threat of Violent Intruders

We believe the solutions to preventing and effectively responding to these crisis events has to be a holistic, all-inclusive approach from the community in which these facilities are located. We all have a vested interest in making our communities safer for our children. What has been missing is educating the family and community and defining their role in addressing these very important issues as far as recognizing warning signs and reporting information they become aware of through social media monitoring or information learned.

Behavior Pattern Recognition for Transportation Employees

This training is designed to train transportation employees & law enforcement personnel on recognition of behavior patterns that could lead to violence as well as how to form a threat assessment team & conduct a threat assessment when information has been reported.

Workplace Violence…When Prevention Doesn’t Work

Workplace Violence…When Prevention Doesn’t Work takes a realistic, street-wise look at surviving workplace violence involving weapons. This session provides strategies and critical information for those facing potentially fatal assaults. Not for the faint of heart, this session will answer the questions you are afraid to ask…the very same questions that could save your life

The Art of Managing a Crisis

Large-scale natural disasters, workplace violence, international terrorism, and global pandemics…the challenge of providing a safe work environment has taken on new meaning in the 21st Century. HR professionals are now expected to assume the role of seasoned emergency responders. Most people believe they work better under pressure; research and experience don’t necessarily support that belief. Crisis events tend to bring out the best and the worst in those responsible for their outcome. The ability to effectively and professionally manage a crisis represents a new skill set required of human resource professionals. Planning is key, but even the most comprehensive plan won’t guarantee success, unless you understand the basics of crisis management. The ability to think clearly, organize quickly, analyze carefully, and adapt rapidly are key components in the crisis management process. Crisis events share several universal components, The Art of Managing a Crisis allows human resource professionals to recognize and better understand those keys to success.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Crisis Management Organizations

Crisis events, including workplace violence, are sudden, traumatic, dangerous and laden with liability. The consequence management phase of an incident can extend long after the incident has vanished from the headlines. Experience has shown us that a series of recurring failures are often responsible for post-incident litigation, resulting in negligence on the part of the organization’s management team. Recognizing and avoiding these failures are the two most important strategies for protecting your organization and its human resources against unwanted litigation. Join us for an informative discussion on the 7 habits your organization needs to adopt to avoid becoming a victim of violence in the workplace!

Crisis Management Boot Camp: A Survival Guide for Today’s Professionals

In today’s unpredictable workplace environment, workplace professionals face crisis events of unprecedented scope. Successfully managing those events requires a new set of skills…and hands-on experience! That’s why you’re invited to attend the all-new Crisis Management Boot Camp, which was designed to provide attendees with the knowledge and practical hands-on experience they need to feel confident when faced with even the most complex crisis event. This interactive, half-day workshop features Michael McCourt, a nationally recognized security expert with more than thirty-years of actual street experience in the field of crisis management. Michael will provide in-depth discussions and explanations about the art of managing unusual events. He will share his thirty-plus years of experience while leading participants through a series of crisis related, interactive exercises and tabletop drills. Whether a beginner, novice, or experienced HR professional, you owe it to yourself and your organization to attend this one-of-a-kind workshop!